Other Treatments

Repair of Lacerated wounds of face and hand.

Surgery for smile correction, cleft lip, nose deformities, old lip scars.

Face lift for ageing face, Brow lift for frawning of forehead.

Blepheroplasty for baggy eyelids cheloplasty for thick lips.

Eye brow and Mustaches reconstruction by micro hair transplant or flap method.

Chemical peel or dermabrasion for acne or pox marks of face.

Removal of leukoplakia, moles, hair naevus, ugly scars, basal and squamous cell carcinoma of face.

Scarless removal of swelling, cyst, lipoma, haemangioma etc of face.

Dermojet therapy for keloid, haemangioma.

Breast reduction, augmentation, reconstruction, scarless removal of fibroadenoma.

Tissue expander of micro hair transplant for bladness.

Correction of epicanthic eye fold, removal of cholesterol deposit of eyelid.

Liposuction for abdomen, back, buttock, arms, thigh, neck.

Lipo injection for depressed areas, cheeks and thin lips.

Thinning of thick lips, correction of double chin, double lip.

Chin, cheek mandibular augmentation in microgenia or mandibular hypoplasia.

Abdominoplasty for hanging fatty belly ( Abdomen ).

Laser surgery in portwine stains and hirsutism.

Ultra thin skin or melanocyte grafting in vitiligo.