Estimated Cost

The Total cost of each Plastic surgery operation is not fix as it depending on a number of variables including:

Fees of the doctors involved in the treatment procedure.

The Surgeon and his assistant
This will vary depending on the complexity and time involved in performing the operation.

The Anesthetist and his assistant
This is based on the type of anesthesia and who administers it.

Hospital Costs
Operation Theater charges, The complexity and duration of the procedure will determine your O.T.charges. Room/Bed charges - Category of Room with facilities and or type of ward will decide it's cost on per day basis & Duty doctor and nursing charges a

Cost of Devices (Implants , Sutures, Medicines)
Costs will vary per size, quality ,number and volume.

Dressings and Follow up visits
Number and types of dressings and visit to Doctor is additional cost.

Roughly None of the Plasticsurgery operation will cost less than Rs. 5000.approximately.

Complimentary, Obligation Free Patient Education
To help you make educated & take decision, we offer a free councelling pertaining to your problem with one of our trained patient educators. They will explain the solution to your problem either operative/non-operative or cosmetic and give you an idea as to how you are placed to achieve your expectations. When you consult with our patient educators a close estimate of the prices can be given after the problem is defined. If you feel that you can be benefited by the operation you can then schedule an appointment with Dr Arun Bhatnagar to discuss the operation in more detail.